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Social Responsibility

Optometry Giving Sight

Oxford & Kin was founded by an award-winning optometrist with a deep passion for eye care who has personally participated in multiple vision clinics in low income neighbourhoods around the US and South America. With this experience, Oxford & Kin is acutely aware of the lack of access to basic care that so many people around the world have to deal with.  

While the buy one give one model has become very popular, Oxford & Kin doesn't believe simply giving someone a pair of glasses is enough. By partnering with an amazing organization called Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), we are able to support sustainable vision care in many impoverished areas around the world. OGS not only provides the necessary care and glasses, they also train people in these parts of the world to serve their own communities as eye care providers ultimately creating a self-sustaining system of health care. Giving back and helping create a better world is a huge part of what Oxford & Kin stands for. 

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